How Mobile Apps are Becoming More of a Need than a Luxury

Mobile applications have emerged as a game-changer for each and every section of society. Today they are being avidly used by not only individuals but also private and public enterprises.

Their impeccable expertise in providing the ease in any form of work and real time tracking has raised the standard of living for the people across the globe.

Gone are the days when mobile apps (or a particular application) was a symbol of luxury or professionalism, they have now become the need of humans of the era.

What's driving the force?

Looking at this growing inclination, the first and foremost question that might probably knock the walls of your brain could be the force that's driving the trend.

Is it the luxury or the need of time?

Personally, I won't agree to the force being a luxury. Apps have made their presence in almost every stream. They assist you in your professional and personal life, they take care of your health and entertainment section both. Not only these, they also guide you in improvising your hobby and profession.

A recent study unveiled that 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone soon after waking up.
This 50 % include teenagers and professionals both. Well, if this doesn't amaze you, another research claims that around 87% people will always have a smartphone at their side 24*7 and 365 days (366 in the case of leap year).

Why have they become the need?

If you are one for the kind who prefer to have a brief glance, here are the three reasons that transformed mobile app development to need:

  • A friend: Mobile applications stay by your side like a friend. If you are reserved by nature and don't open up quickly (which most of the people are), mobile applications are your true mate. You can spend time with them, share your part, without any complaint or fear.
    Making this better is Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to even have a virtual friend who can talk to you anytime and anywhere.
  • A philosopher: One in a million becomes a philosopher, and it's really tough to meet them and have your piece of information/counseling. Mobile apps avail you with these at your fingertips.
  • A Guide: These applications house an entire universe inside them. Starting with the making of galaxy till the microparticles around you, you can have everything through them. While on one side they are helping the corporates, on another they are assisting housewives and teenagers with their day to day activities and hobby sessions.

Beyond a normal approach, let's be more specific

Private Sector

Private enterprises have integrated mobile applications as an invincible part of their business. These apps are intended to deliver:

  • Better service to customers
  • Creating awareness
  • Increasing profit
  • Smarter approach to work
  • Wider access
  • Effective marketing
  • Live tracking, etc.

These are just the handful of benefits out of the massive list that one can relish through mobile applications. Private enterprises have been noticed getting constantly inclined towards the app world. Industries that are using applications to deliver better service includes anything and everything that comes in the retail market and warehousing business.

Government Departments:

It isn't just the private sector, but also the government departments have started using mobile applications to deliver better service to the people of the nation. Their primary reason behind using them includes:

  • Creating transparency
  • Providing ease
  • Creating awareness
  • Attracting people towards sector
  • Mobilizing the work
  • Faster service, etc.

In past couple of years, government sectors across the globe have been noticed coming with applications for various departments, and their initiative indeed received grand accolades for all good reasons.

Daily households:

Mobile apps have vastly spread their dimension in the household works. Be it the IoT, or the apps helping to cook the food; they have made an unmatched space in daily household tasks.

They allow you to:

  • Control and manage your house
  • Keeping house Secured
  • Tracking house activities from distance
  • Cooking new dishes through cookery apps
  • Living healthy by eating healthy, etc.

Applications have given a standard of living through their multi-professionality. They can not only help you in living a luxurious life when in your house, but they also actively accomplish their tasks when you are away.


With the help of these mobile applications, one can live a much healthy life by keeping a track of his daily activities. Applications when integrated into wearables, can help you with real time information of your body. Numerous athletes and heath enthusiasts have started using them to track their sleep, workout, calorie intake and output.

They are playing a special role by:

  • Keeping a track on your activities
  • Tracking your food intake
  • Assisting and guiding you for better workout
  • Sharing real-time data
  • Your 24*7 doctor
  • Motivating and reminding you about essential health concerns, etc.

Basically, we can say that, while you are busy with your daily societal and professional tasks, these apps do their duty by keeping an eye on your health.


There are numerous mobile apps in the app stores, which guide and educate yours about things around you. With these applications, you can learn about everything starting from the metals beneath the surface, till the vast universe. This include:

  • Apps for small kids
  • Fun and learn apps
  • Fairy fables and moral stories
  • Apps to help teenagers in learning
  • Professional papers by experts, etc.

Mobile apps for education have made created a unique arena for the people who want to explore the world around without any hindrance. They allow the user to learn anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.


Mobile apps for entertainment need no introduction. They have created a personal space filled with fun for the people across the globe. The segment like the rest is getting innovative with the passing days. The segment includes:

  • Music applications
  • Watch Movies on the move
  • Play games
  • Get the enhanced blend of your hobby, etc.

Entertainment applications have helped people in finding some time for fun and leisure in this busy lifestyle.


Before signing off I would just say that the mobile application industry has grown avidly in past few years. With the passing time, one thing's for sure that it isn't just a wave of time, and is, in fact, a change that will embark a better future in the years to come.

Thus looking at the above details we can be assured that these mobile applications are no longer getting used for the sake of luxury, but with the multi-usage expertise, they have become a need today.


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